Hidden Quests 「未公開クエスト」



Hidden Quests (HQ) are special undeclared or unpublished quests unique to each area in Lestania. Hidden Quests are held during special events such as the special Monster Hunter collaboration event, wherein players will have the opportunity to acquire Monster Hunter themed armour sets.

Even though they are marked as blue quests in the player's quest log like World Quests, Hidden Quests do not have any markers indicating the relevant location or NPC required to pick up said quests. The player will have to work out the trigger NPC location on their own, or with the help of hints from the local Area Master.

Eight Hidden Quests are added after every weekly maintenance on Thursday, and another eight will be added after 8.00 PM JST on Saturday. The quest cycle will be renewed each Thursday, after maintenance.


Checking Lestania News will reveal Hidden Quests in an area. Any Hidden Quests will have their titles as '??????'.


Area Masters will have also have any Hidden Quests listed in the local area.


Players can purchase hints from the Area Master for the name of and to narrow down the field of search for the Hidden Quest.


Once the hint is purchased, more details about the Hidden Quest will be displayed such as location and rewards.


Buying a hint from the Area Master will narrow down the field of search on the map. The above shows that limited area where the Hidden Quest takes place.


When you find the Hidden Quest the above 'Discovered' prompt will appear. Once the Hidden Quest has been discovered and completed, the marker for the relevant NPC or location will be visible until the next quest cycle.

Current Active Hidden Quests

Hidden Quests for Week 25 August 2016~

Additional Hidden Quests added 27 August 2016~

List of Hidden Quests by Areas

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