HQ: A Petty Thief’s Woes

Basic Information

Quest Name A Petty Thief’s Woes
Quest Name (JP) コソ泥の受難
Area Dowe Valley
Recommended Level Level 38
Quest Conditions Dowe Valley Area Rank 7
Quest Rewards
- 1,250 XP
- 1,040 G
- 160 R
- 590 AP

Quest Objectives

  1. Seek out and defeat the enemy within the Catacombs
  2. Kill the enemy encountered - Level 38 Armoured Cyclops
  3. Report back to the Thief

Quest Flow


You can obtain this quest from the Thief - 盗賊 in the Catacombs - カタコンベ, which is located at X 319, Y 321.


The Thief is located at X 41, Y -77. He will ask you to get rid of the monsters within the catacombs for him.

Go further in and you will encounter a Level 38 Armoured Cyclops, along with some Level 37 Sword Undead and Level 34 Stout Undead.

Kill them all and report back to the thief. The quest will then be marked as completed.

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