HQ: A Nest of Labour and Love

Basic Information

Quest Name A Nest of Labour and Love
Quest Name (JP) 愛と苦労の巣作り
Area Dowe Valley
Recommended Level Level 30
Quest Conditions None
Quest Rewards
- 990 XP
- 1,080 G
- 130 R
- 450 AP

Quest Objectives

  1. Obtain 1x Pine Lumber - パインランバ - for the Weary Harpy
  2. Obtain 5x Clear Spring Water - 澄んだ清水 - for the Weary Harpy
  3. Search for the enemy
  4. Eliminate the enemy
  5. Report back to the Weary Harpy

Quest Flow


You can pick up this quest from the Weary Harpy - 物憂げなハーピー - near the coordinates X 304, Y 300.

The harpy will say that she is nesting, but is unable to obtain good materials for making her nest. She will request that you bring some materials for her to use. The quest objective will update: bring her 1 Pine Lumber - パインランバ. Remember that you need to have the item in your possession and not in your storage in order to give them to her. Once you have done so, she will request that you bring 5 Clear Spring Water - 澄んだ清水.

Her final request will be for you to take care of a beast that is threatening her and her unborn child. The quest objective will update: look for the enemy. It will be a Level 30 Colossus near the vicinity. Once you come across the Colossus, kill it. After that, return to the harpy and she will thank you for your kind efforts.

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