HQ: An Altered Beast Attacks!

Basic Information

Quest Name An Altered Beast Attacks!
Quest Name (JP) 改造魔獣、襲撃!
Area Mergoda Ruins
Recommended Level Level 55
Quest Conditions - Completed Main Quest: The Great Alchemist - 偉大なる錬金術師
- Mergoda Ruins Area Rank 5
Quest Rewards
- 2,960 XP
- 1,810 G
- 330 R
- 1,350 AP

Quest Objectives

  1. Find out the identity of the creature
  2. Kill the discovered enemy - Level 55 Alchemised Griffin
  3. Report back to Eunike - エウニケ

Quest Flow


Talk to Eunike - エウニケ, who can be found standing at X 85, Y 65. She will speak to you about a flying creature that has been attacking the locals, and then requests that you seek out and destroy it.

The creature she spoke of can be found at X 72, Y 148. Head to the location and you will come face to face with a Level 55 Alchemised Griffin. Kill it and then report back to Eunike to complete the quest.

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