HQ: A Merchant's Pride

Basic Information

Quest Name A Merchant's Pride
Quest Name (JP) 商売人の意地
Area Volden Mines
Recommended Level Level 63
Quest Conditions Volden Mines Area Rank 13
Quest Rewards
- 6,976 XP
- 2,078 G
- 265 R
- 1,590 AP

Quest Objectives

  1. Give 2 x Scroll of Magickal Defence - 魔加護のスクロール to Dorothea
  2. Seek out the enemy at the Scorching Blocked Passage - 灼熱の封鎖道
  3. Kill the enemy encountered
  4. Report back to Dorothea

Quest Flow

To activate this quest, Dorothea - ドロテア, who can be found in Kinoza. Dorothea will ask that you find and deliver 2 Scroll of Magickal Defence - 魔加護のスクロール to her. Remember to have the items in your possession and not in your storage chest.

She will then request that you investigate for enemy presence in the Scorching Blocked Passage - 灼熱の封鎖道. Head there and enter. Soon you will encounter a group of enemies; a Level 63 Ogre, Level 63 Skeleton Sorcerer and Level 63 Enflamed Skeleton Brutes. Once you have defeated the creatures, report back to Dorothea of your success and the quest will be marked as completed.

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