HQ: A Malice in the Dark

Basic Information

Quest Name A Malice in the Dark
Quest Name (JP) 闇に浮かぶ悪意
Area Breya Coast
Recommended Level Level 41
Quest Conditions At night
Quest Rewards
- 490 XP
- 490 G
- 60 R
- 150 AP

Quest Objectives

  1. Investigate the top of the lighthouse
  2. Defeat the enemy encountered - Level 15 Mist Fighter
  3. Report back to Rudolfo

Quest Flow

You can pick up this quest by talking to Rudolfo, the lighthouse keeper of Moltova Lighthouse.


Rudolfo will ask that you investigate for signs of a disturbance at the lighthouse. Exit the house and go to the top of the lighthouse next door.

When you nearly reach the top of the stairs, you’ll hear the music change, marking a boss encounter. The quest objective will also update: defeat the enemy you come across - a Level 15 Mist Fighter.

Once you have killed the Mist Fighter, the quest objective will update: report back to Rudolfo. Reporting to him will mark the quest as completed.

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