HQ: A Gourmand’s Forest Protection

Basic Information

Quest Name A Gourmand’s Forest Protection
Quest Name (JP) 美食家の森林保護
Area Mysree Forest
Recommended Level Level 18
Quest Conditions None
Quest Rewards
- 830 XP
- 590 G
- 90 R
- 150 AP

Quest Objectives

  1. Collect the three ingredients
  2. Report back to August

Quest Flow


You can pick up this quest when you talk to August - オーギュスト, a richly-dressed man in Mysree Forest near the coordinates X 240, Y 390.

August will ask that you gather three important ingredients for him near the large trees nearby. Check the map to see their locations. One or maybe more of them can be up a tree, so you’ll need to do some climbing.

Once you’ve collected all three, return to August and speak to him. The quest will be marked as completed when the conversation ends.

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