Northern Oregano「ノーザンオレガノ」
Icon JP Name Translation
ノーザンオレガノ Northern Oregano


A herb found in the northern wastelands. Used in crafting.


Item Rank 8
Value 250 G
Bazaar Can be sold

Found in/Dropped By

  • Breya Coast: Moltova Ruins - モルトバ遺跡
  • Mysree Grove: Greenleaf Terrace - 蒼葉のテラス
  • Northern Betland Plains: Underground Crypt - 地下納骨堂
  • Northern Betland Plains: Tegor Flood Control Channel - テゴル治水路
  • Northern Betland Plains: Gardnox Fortress - ガルドノック砦
  • Northern Betland Plains
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