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サファイア Sapphire


A beautiful blue gemstone. Used in crafting.


Item Rank 6
Value 195 G
Bazaar Can be sold

Found in/Dropped By

  • Dowe Valley: Partly-Dug Well - 掘削中の井戸
  • Dowe Valley: Knights' Old Guardhouse - 旧騎士団詰め所
  • Volden Mines: Southern Wall Fissure - 南壁のひび
  • Volden Mines: Summit Chapel - 山頂の小堂
  • Deenan Woods: Blue Waterway - 蒼水路
  • Northern Betland Plains: Tegor Flood Control Channel - テゴル治水路
  • Zandora Wastelands: Sage’s Old Well 賢者の古井戸
  • Bloodbane Isle: Dried Well by the Tower - 小塔傍の枯れ井戸
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