Red Garnet 「ガーネット」
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ガーネット Red Garnet


A gorgeous jewel the colour of deep red. Used for crafting.

Note: ざくろ石 or 'zakuroishi' is commonly known as 'garnet' in English.1 As Season 3 has added a new material called ガーネット, which is katakana for 'garnet', for convenience's sake we have chosen to translate ガーネット as 'Red Garnet' rather than edit the entire wiki.


Item Rank 85
Value 500 G
Bazaar Can be sold

Found in/Dropped By

  • Rathnite Foothills: Rathnite Foothills - ラスニテ山麓【ラスニテ山麓】
  • Rathnite Foothills: Rathnite Foothills Lakeside - ラスニテ山麓【ラスニテ山麓 湖畔部】
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