Room Light - Ocean 「ルームライト・オーシャン」
Icon JP Name Translation
ルームライト・オーシャン Room Light - Ocean



A set of chandeliers with cool lighting for the Arisen's Room.

How to Obtain

The recipe for this item can be obtained by completing the Reliable, Polite, Prompt with a Gentlemanly Smile - 確実且つ丁寧且つ迅速且つ笑顔で紳士的 achievement, which requires successfully completing 600 delivery Board Quests.

Please note that the recipe must be claimed by selecting Furniture Recipes - 家具レシピ in the Achievements - アチーブメント option from the in-game menu.


Item Rank 12
Crafting Cost 50,000 G
Crafting Time 02:00:00
XP Acquired 1,500 XP
No. Items Produced 1

Crafting Materials

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