Servant's Loungewear - Type 2「従者の部屋着・タイプ2」
Icon JP Name Translation
従者の部屋着・タイプ2 Servant's Loungewear - Type 2



The Partner Pawn's loungewear to be worn when relaxing in the Arisen's Room.

How to Obtain

The recipe for this item can be obtained by completing the All You Need Is Love - 愛こそすべて achievement, which requires raising the Partner Pawn's affection to the necessary level.

Please note that the recipe must be claimed by selecting Furniture Recipes - 家具レシピ in the Achievements - アチーブメント option from the in-game menu.


Item Rank 8
Crafting Cost 50,000 G
Crafting Time 02:00:00
XP Acquired 1,500 XP
No. Items Produced 1

Crafting Materials

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