Encumbrance Limit 「装備重量」

Similar to the original Dragon's Dogma, encumbrance is the measure of how much weight a character is carrying affects speed and mobility, as well as stamina recovery and stamina consumption. The heavier the equipment, the slower the character, the more stamina is consumed and the rate stamina is restored is much slower.

It is possible to lighten equipment by mounting certain Crests on them.

Therefore Arisen must always manage the total weight of their equipment before going forth into battle, so that they would not over-encumber themselves and risk having their fighting styles and abilities affected.

Total Weight Encumbrance Stamina Consumption Rate Stamina Regeneration Rate
1 - 200 Very Light Very Minimal High
201 - 300 Light Minimal Medium
301 - 400 Medium Normal Normal
401 - 500 Heavy Increased Low
501~ Very Heavy High Increase Very Low
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