Dragon Force Augmentation 「竜力の継承」



Players will have access to Dragon Force Augmentation after successfully completing the Main Quest The Crimson Crystal - 紅の結晶.

In order to activate the various perks in the Dragon Force Augmentation skill ‘tree’, players will have to present Blood Orbs to the White Dragon.


Blood Orbs can be obtained from Orb Enemies; special enemies with a purple health bar. Please note that the maximum amount of Blood Orbs you can keep in your possession at a time is 9,999.

Augmentation Categories

There are four main different categories in each tree 'branch' to fill in; Vitality, Combat, Adventure, and Magick. Once you pick a perk in a category, you can only select the perk next to it.

Icon Category (JP) Translation General Description
生命力 Vitality Top left branch. Improves health and stamina.
冒険力 Adventure Bottom left branch. Increases inventory slots and Ability Cost Points etc.
攻力 Combat Top right branch. Increases Physical Attack and Defence stats.
魔法力 Magick Bottom right branch. Increases Magickal Attack and Defence stats.
総合 Fusion Trunk.

The four options in the middle at the 'trunk' of the tree can only be selected provided your total Vocation levels are high enough, with the topmost option available once you have completed all the four categories in the current Tier.

The perks obtained in the Dragon Force Augmentation skill tree will apply on all vocations regardless of level. There are separate trees for Arisen and each Main Pawn.

The Second Tier and following Tiers of the skill tree can only be accessed by progressing through the main storyline.

Arisen Skill Tree

Main Pawn Skill Tree

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