Currency 「通貨」

There are several types of currency used in the game.


Icon Currency Name (JP) Translation Description
ゴールド / 金貨 Gold (G) Common currency used in purchasing and selling of services, items and equipment.
リム Rim (R) Currency of the Rift used in hiring pawns and warping through the Rift. Also known as Rift Crystals in Dragon's Dogma.

Special Currency

Icon Currency Name (JP) Translation Description
ブラッドオーブ Blood Orb (BO) The blood of the White Dragon shed in battle in crystallised form. Can be offered to the White Dragon to activate perks in the Dragon Force Augmentation skill tree and to purchase items from special vendors. A more detailed explanation on Blood Orbs can be found here.
黄金石 Golden Gemstone (GG) Special currency used to purchase cash shop services and items, as well as Treasure Lots.
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