Blood Orbs 「ブラッドオーブ」


Icon Name (JP) Translation Description
ブラッドオーブ Blood Orb (BO) The blood of the White Dragon shed in battle
in crystallised form.


Blood Orbs can offered to the White Dragon in order to activate perks in the Dragon Force Augmentation skill tree. They can also be used to purchase rare items from Gilstan, The Goblin King.

Obtaining Blood Orbs


Blood Orbs can be obtained from defeating Orb Enemies, which are special enemies with a purple health bar. The higher the level of the Orb Enemy, the more Blood Orbs can be obtained.

Orb Enemies are usually found in certain locations. However, they may not always appear.

Please note that the maximum amount of Blood Orbs you can keep in your possession at a time is 50,000.

Blood Orb Enemy Locations

  • Hidell Plains: Hidell Catacombs Innermost Depths - ハイデル地下霊廟 最深部
  • Hidell Plains: Blocked Passage - 開かずの路
  • Breya Coast: Roaring Tide Cave - 潮騒洞窟
  • Mysree Forest: Lynwood Underground Waterway - リンウッド地下水路
  • Mysree Forest: Mysree Limestone Cave - ミスリウ鍾乳洞
  • Mysree Forest: Glowworm Cave - 燐光虫の洞窟
  • Dowe Valley: Howling Wind Cave - 風鳴り洞窟
  • Dowe Valley: Catacombs - カタコンベ
  • Betland Plains: Betland Underground Passage - バートランド地下道
  • Betland Plains: War Demons’ Hideout - 戦鬼の影穴
  • Eastern Zandora: Lakebottom Connecting Passage - 湖底連絡路
  • Eastern Zandora: Dead Lord's Labyrinth - 死王の迷宮
  • Eastern Zandora: Shrine of Resentment - 怨嗟の祠
  • Zandora Wastelands: Mergoda Flood Channels - メルゴダ大水網
  • Bloodbane Isle: Infected Den Depths - 侵食魔の巣窟 奥底
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