A highly intelligent Ice dragon. Covered with bright, brilliant blue scales, the Wyrm is capable of manipulating Ice magicks. The Wyrm is said to be among the most intelligent of the dragonkin, and is a sub-species that is highly strong in magick. It does not favour flying and prefers to fight on land.

Type and Attribute

The Wyrm is a Dragonkin creature. Its elemental attribute is Ice. It can inflict the Frozen, Lowered Ice Resistance debilitations on its enemies.


Related Quests

World Quests
  • Level 60 - An Unexpected Encounter - 思いがけぬ邂逅 (Breya Coast)
  • Level 60 - Seeking Elfin Extract - エルフィン・エクストラクトを求めて (Mysree Grove)
  • Level 60 - The Blue Dragon’s Shadow - 蒼き竜影 (Mergoda Ruins)
  • Level 60 - The Perfect Warrior - うってつけの強者 (Northern Betland Plains)

Strengths and Weaknesses

Core Area Chest
Attribute Weakness Lightning, Blunt
Attribute Resistance Ice, Slash, Pierce
Status Weakness Shocked, Lowered Lightning Resistance, Lowered Physical Defence
Status Resistance Lowered Ice Resistance, Lowered Magickal Defence
Immune Frozen



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