White Chimera 「ホワイトキメラ」


A Chimera that has snow-white fur and mane. The White Chimera can be found in unexplored regions of southern Lestania, as well as in the remote areas of the north. The goat head commands powerful Holy magick, the lion's claws has ferocious strength, while the snake tail can freeze foes with its frosty breath.

Type and Attribute

The White Chimera is categorised as an Animal monster. Its elemental attributes are Holy and Ice. It can inflict the Frozen, Lowered Holy Resistance, and Lowered Magickal Attack status ailments on its enemies.


  • Deenan Woods: Sunset Terrace - 斜陽のテラス
  • Deenan Woods: Heavenly Terrace - 飛天のテラス
  • Deenan Woods: Path of Running Water - 流水の小路
  • Northern Betland Plains: Underground Crypt - 地下納骨堂
  • Zandora Wastelands

Related Quests

World Quests
  • Level 42 - The Snow-White Lion King - 純白の獅子王 (Deenan Woods)
  • Level 43 - The Snow-White Lion King - 純白の獅子王 (Deenan Woods)
  • Level 45 - The Wicked Pursuer - 悪しき探求者 (Deenan Woods)
  • Level 55 - The Wicked Pursuer - 悪しき探求者 (Deenan Wooods)
  • Level 68 - Door of Jewellery: Newcomer's Highlight -【宝飾の扉】新米の見せ場 (Deenan Woods)
  • Level 45 - The Roaring Lion King - 唸る獅子王 (Northern Betland Plains)
  • Level 57 - The Perilous Labyrinth - 迷宮の難所 (Eastern Zandora)
  • Level 49 - A Thirst for Knowledge - 智を欲せしもの (Zandora Wastelands)

Strengths and Weaknesses

Core Area Head (Goat or Lion)
Attribute Weakness Darkness, Blunt
Attribute Resistance Holy, Ice
Status Weakness Stunned, Blindness, Lowered Darkness Resistance, Lowered Physical Attack
Status Resistance Frozen, Holy Drain


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