Troll 「トロール」


A hideous giant with a red body and gnarled horns that lurks deep within the forest. It is more intelligent that the other Giant creatures, as demonstrated by its method of throwing explosive and blinding barrels at its enemies in battle. The Troll's shoulders and back are covered with a poisonous moss, and the creature will shake itself to dislodge poisonous spores to the peril of anyone clambering on its back.

Type and Attribute

The Troll is categorised as a Giant monster. It can inflict the Blindness debilitation on its enemies with its barrels, and the Poisoned debilitation from the spores it releases.


  • Mysree Forest: Demon’s Den - 魔獣の巣穴
  • Mysree Forest: Mysree Limestone Cave - ミスリウ鍾乳洞
  • Volden Mines: Southern Wall Fissure - 南壁のひび
  • Dowe Valley: Howling Wind Cave - 風鳴り洞窟
  • Mysree Grove: Sacred Spring Terrace - 霊泉のテラス
  • Mysree Grove: Greenleaf Terrace - 蒼葉のテラス
  • Deenan Woods
  • Deenan Woods: Sunset Terrace - 斜陽のテラス
  • Deenan Woods: Erte Deenan - エルテ・ディナン
  • Deenan Woods: Le Karvas Patiro - レ・カルバス・パティーロ
  • Deenan Woods: Le Karvas Arma - レ・カルバス・アーマ
  • Deenan Woods: Moonlight Terrace - 月影のテラス
  • Deenan Woods: Forest People's Tunnel - 森民の地下道

Related Quests

Personal Quests
  • Mysree Grove Trial: The Hungry Giant - ミスリウ森林深部 試練:貪る巨鬼
World Quests
  • Level 30 - Beloved Forest - 愛しき森を― (Hidell Plains)
  • Level 18 - Shadows in the Demon’s Den - 魔洞にひしめく影 (Mysree Forest)
  • Level 20 - Defending Lynwood - リンウッド防衛戦 (Mysree Forest)
  • Level 31 - The Abductor’s True Nature - 人攫いの正体 (Mysree Forest)
  • Level 34 - The Mystery of Mysree Limestone Cave - ミスリウ洞の怪 (Mysree Forest)
  • Level 63 - A Lakeside Danger - 湖畔を掠める危機 (Mysree Grove)
  • Level 65 - High Difficulty: An Uncertain Pride - 【高難度】天秤に架けた誇り (Bloodbane Isle)

Strengths and Weaknesses

Core Area Back
Attribute Weakness Fire, Slash
Attribute Resistance Blunt
Status Weakness Burning, Lowered Fire Resistance, Lowered Physical Defence
Status Resistance Poisoned
Immune -


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