Scourge 「スカージ」


An infected Fiend that still intends to bring the world to ruin, it can summon other Infected creatures.

Like all Large Infected creatures, there are strange thorn-like projections protruding from within the Scourge. These thorns increase the creature's aggression and increases the spreading range of the spores. Destroying these thorns will render the creature temporarily senseless and it will collapse to the ground.

Type and Attribute

The Scourge is an Infected creature. It can inflict the Corruption debilitation on its enemies.

Related Quests

Extreme Missions
  • Extreme Mission - Agent of Corruption - 歪みの執行人

Strengths and Weaknesses

Attribute Weakness Ice
Attribute Resistance Fire
Status Weakness Frozen, Lowered Ice Resistance
Status Resistance Burning, Stunned, Lowered Fire Resistance
Immune Poisoned, Sleep, Silenced




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