Ogre 「オーガ」


A carnivorous demon with a huge body and tough hide. The Ogre dwells in caves and attacks travellers and miners who pass by its territory. It eats its victims by devouring them head-first.

Type and Attribute

The Ogre is categorised as a Demon creature. It can inflict the Stunned debilitation on its enemies.


  • Hidell Plains: Hidell Catacombs Innermost Depths - ハイデル地下霊廟 最深部
  • Volden Mines: Fiend’s Cavern - 悪鬼の岩窟
  • Volden Mines: Southern Wall Fissure - 南壁のひび
  • Volden Mines: Mountainside Battlefield - 山腹の野戦場
  • Dowe Valley
  • Dowe Valley: Dreed Castle - ドリード城
  • Dowe Valley: Abandoned Underground Passage - 棄てられた地下道
  • Betland Plains
  • Betland Plains: Foul Water Channel - 不浄の地下水道
  • Deenan Woods: Blue Waterway - 蒼水路
  • Deenan Woods: Le Karvas Lotana - レ・カルバス・ロタナ
  • Deenan Woods: Le Karvas Arma - レ・カルバス・アーマ
  • Bloodbane Isle: Infected Den Depths - 侵食魔の巣窟 奥底

Related Quests

World Quests

Strengths and Weaknesses

Core Area Back
Attribute Weakness Lightning, Slash
Attribute Resistance Blunt, Ice
Status Weakness Shocked, Lowered Lightning Resistance, Lowered Physical Defence
Status Resistance Petrified, Gilded, Frozen, Lowered Ice Resistance


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