Nightmare 「ナイトメア」


The frightful sight of this hideous demon is more than enough to make anyone cower in fear. Its cries are said to seal the abilities of those who hear them.

Type and Attribute

The Nightmare is categorised as a Winged Beast creature. Its elemental attribute is Darkness. It can inflict the Silenced debilitation on its enemies with its singing.


  • Dowe Valley: Dreed Connecting Passage - ドリード連絡路
  • Zandora Wastelands: Black Abyss Valley - 黒淵谷
  • Bloodbane Isle: Predators Lowlands - 捕食者たちの低地

Related Quests

Personal Quests
  • Mysree Forest Trial: A Nightmare's Great Shadow
World Quests
  • Level 58 - Seeking Riese Extract - レーゼ・エクストラクトを求めて (Volden Mines)
  • Level 58 - The Wings of Darkness - 闇色の翼 (Eastern Zandora)
  • Level 58 - The Dark Shadow Covering the Sky - 空を覆う黒影 (Zandora Wastelands)
Extreme Mission
  • The Ancient City's Legacy - 古都の賜物

Strengths and Weaknesses

Core Area Chest
Attribute Weakness Holy, Slash, Pierce
Attribute Resistance Darkness
Status Weakness Sleep, Holy Drain
Status Resistance
Immune Silenced


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