Medusa 「メドゥーサ」


A creature with the hair made up of poisonous snakes, it also has a petrifying breath. It was once human with an unfulfilled longing to return to and be embraced by its lover, and the longing soon turned into jealousy, bitterness and spite, and warped the creature into what it is now. Now those who fall into its embrace will become its victims.

Type and Attribute

Medusa is a Fiend creature. It can inflict the Petrification debilitation on its enemies. It also wields Lightning magick.


  • Dowe Valley: Forsaken Well - 見捨てられた井戸
  • Mysree Forest: Mysree Ancient Burial Mound - ミスリウ古墳墓

Related Quests

Main Quests
  • A Fresh Incident - あらたな異変

Strengths and Weaknesses

Attribute Weakness Ice
Attribute Resistance Lightning, Darkness, Slash, Blunt, Pierce
Status Weakness Frozen, Gilded, Lowered Ice Resistance, Lowered Magickal Attack
Status Resistance Torpor
Immune Poisoned, Sleep, Stunned, Petrified



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