A water dragon that makes its home in or near seas and lakes. Its wing-like fins generate electricity and could Shock anyone who carelessly gets near them. The Lindwurm can also spit out gusts of water to Drench its enemies and making them more susceptible to the Shocked debilitation; once Shocked, they are far easier for the beast to cut down.

Type and Attribute

The Lindwurm is a Dragonkin monster. Its elemental attribute is Lightning. It can inflict the Drenched, Shocked and Lowered Lightning Resistance debilitations on its enemies.


Related Quests

Personal Quests
  • Breya Coast Trial: Seeking Treasure - ブリア海岸 試練:財宝を追いかけて
World Quests
  • Level 36 - An Unexpected Encounter - 思いがけぬ邂逅 (Breya Coast)
  • Level 65 - High Difficulty: A Silence-Breaking Roar【高難度】静寂を裂く呻き声 (Breya Coast)
  • Level 36 - The Inias Monster - イニアスの怪物 (Mysree Grove)
  • Level 36 - After That Dragon! - あの竜を追え!(Dowe Valley)
  • Level 40 - After That Dragon! - あの竜を追え!(Dowe Valley)
  • Level 55 - The Blue-Scaled Wicked Dragon - 青鱗の凶竜 (Betland Plains)
  • Level 51 - The Blue Dragon’s Shadow - 蒼き竜影 (Mergoda Ruins)

Strengths and Weaknesses

Core Area Chest
Attribute Weakness Fire, Blunt
Attribute Resistance Lightning, Slash, Pierce
Status Weakness Lowered Fire Resistance, Lowered Physical Attack
Status Resistance Petrified, Gilded, Frozen, Lowered Lightning Resistance
Immune Shock


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