Infected Orcs 「侵食オーク」


Orcs that have been infected with the mysterious corruption. While their minds have been lost, they still retain the brute strength and the instincts of their race. Like other Infected enemies, strange thorn-like projections protrude from within the Infected Orcs. These thorns increase their aggression and increases the spreading range of the spores. Prolonged exposure to the spore clouds could mean catching the same deadly infection plaguing it if proper measures are not taken.

There are several kinds of Infected Orcs:

  • Infected Orc Soldier - 侵食オークソルジャー
  • Infected Orc Aimer - 侵食オークエイマー
  • Infected Orc Banger - 侵食オークバンガー

Type and Attribute

The Infected Orc is an Infected creature. It can inflict the Corruption debilitation on its enemies.


  • Northern Betland Plains: War Demons' Encampment - 戦鬼の陣屋
  • Northern Betland Plains: Gardnox Wastewater Tunnel Depths - ガルドノック廃水廊 深部

Related Quests

Strengths and Weaknesses

Attribute Weakness Fire, Slash
Attribute Resistance Holy
Status Weakness Petrified, Gilded, Burning, Lowered Fire Resistance, Lowered Physical Attack
Status Resistance Stunned
Immune Poisoned, Sleep, Silenced





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