Gigant Machina 「ギガン・マキナ」


A gigantic suit of armour animated by the power of flame. The armour is tough; to stop the Gigant Machina, one must destroy its magickal power core. When under repeated attacks, the Gigant Machina will go berserk and radiate flames.

Type and Attribute

The Gigant Machina is a Magickal Construct creature. Its elemental attribute is Fire. It can inflict the Burning debilitation on its enemies.


  • Mergoda Ruins

Related Quests

World Quests
  • Level 57 - The Footsteps in the Halls (III) - 石廊に響く足音 (Dowe Valley)
  • Level 60 - Seeking Fiend Wing Membrane - 悪魔の翼膜を求めて (Betland Plains)
  • Level 57 - The Dead Lord's Retainers - 死王の眷族 (Eastern Zandroa)
  • Level 56 - The Lost Golden Child (II) - 金色の落とし仔 (Mergoda Ruins)

Strengths and Weaknesses

Core Area Chest
Attribute Weakness Ice
Attribute Resistance Slash, Fire, Lightning, Holy, Darkness
Status Weakness Lowered Ice Resistance
Status Resistance Gilded, Lowered Fire Resistance
Immune Burning, Stunned, Poisoned, Sleep, Petrified, Blindness


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