Gargoyle 「ガーゴイル」


A flying demon with skin as hard as stone. Due to its rock-hard skin, it is resistant to physical attacks. It can turn its enemies into stone by stabbing them with its tail, which has a special venom that causes Petrification.

Type and Attribute

The Gargoyle is a Magickal Construct. It can inflict the Petrification debilitation on its enemies.


  • Dowe Valley: Forsaken Well - 見捨てられた井戸
  • Mysree Grove: Misty Illusion Terrace Middle Level - 霧幻のテラス 中層
  • Bloodbane Isle: Picturesque Grotto - 群像

Related Quests

World Quests
Extreme Missions
  • Extreme Mission - Agent of Corruption - 歪みの執行人

Strengths and Weaknesses

Attribute Weakness Holy, Blunt
Attribute Resistance Darkness, Slash, Pierce
Status Weakness Mollified, Holy Drain, Lowered Physical Defence
Status Resistance Blindness
Immune Petrified, Poisoned, Sleep, Silenced, Stunned


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