Frost Machina「フロスト・マキナ」


A gigantic mechanical armour which has been endowed with the magickal power of Ice. Its chilling frosty breath is cold enough to freeze its foes. The Frost Machina also wields two powerful blades capable of cleaving massive damage. Unless its magickal core is shut down, it would continue to slaughter everything in its path.

Type and Attribute

The Frost Machina is a Magickal Construct creature. Its elemental attribute is Ice. It can inflict the Frozen debilitation on its enemies.


  • Mergoda Ruins: Secret Proving Ground - 秘匿の実験場
  • Bloodbane Isle: Frigid Ancient Passage Inner Depths - 氷気の遺路 深部

Related Quests

World Quests
  • Level 63 - Door of Jewellery: Truth Behind Tradition -【宝飾の扉】伝承の真相 (Betland Plains)
  • Level 63 - High Difficulty: The Source of Commotion【高難度】喧騒の元 (Bloodbane Isle)

Strengths and Weaknesses

Core Area Chest
Attribute Weakness Lightning
Attribute Resistance Slash, Fire, Ice, Holy, Darkness
Status Weakness Shocked, Lowered Lightning Resistance
Status Resistance Gilded, Lowered Ice Resistance
Immune Frozen, Stunned, Poisoned, Sleep, Petrified, Blindness



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