Elder Dragon 「エルダードラゴン」


A proud and magnificent dragon of the island of Dragon's Nest; its brilliant green scales marking it different from the other dragons. Its breath of explosive flame will eradicate everything in its path, while its powerful blows will sunder even the earth itself. It would take skilled and powerful Arisen to defeat this creature.

Type and Attribute

The Elder Dragon is a Dragonkin monster. Its elemental attribute is Fire.


  • Demon's Nest - 竜の巣 (Grand Mission stage)

Related Quests

Grand Mission
  • Crucible of Demons - 魔物のるつぼ

Strengths and Weaknesses

Core Area Back, Claws
Attribute Weakness Ice
Attribute Resistance Fire
Status Weakness Poisoned, Torpor, Sleep, Frozen
Status Resistance Burning
Immune Silenced

Official Art

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