Drake 「ドレイク」


A bright red-scaled dragonkin with huge wings and a fiery breath that can burn its enemies. The Drake's sharp claws and fangs, as well as its tail are deadly implements that can inflict grave or even fatal injuries.

Type and Attribute

The Drake is a Dragonkin creature. Its elemental attribute is Fire. It can inflict the Burning debilitation on its enemies.


Related Quests

World Quests
  • Level 60 - Seeking Elfin Extract - エルフィン・エクストラクトを求めて (Mysree Grove)
  • Level 65 - High Difficulty: To Rest, Once More -【高難度】安息をもう一度 (Mysree Grove)
  • Level 60 - The Attacking Bite - 襲い来るアギト (Eastern Zandora)

Strengths and Weaknesses

Core Area Chest
Attribute Weakness Ice, Blunt
Attribute Resistance Lightning, Fire, Slash, Pierce
Status Weakness Lowered Ice Resistance, Lowered Physical Attack
Status Resistance Petrified, Gilded, Shocked, Lowered Fire Resistance
Immune Burning


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