Death Knight 「デスナイト」


A knight of darkness still clad in the armour it wore at its death, the Death Knight wanders in thirst for the soul of an Arisen. A huge figure that will mercilessly trample all before it and deliver devastating blows, seemingly an executioner from Hell itself. The lantern it carries in its hand emits a bewitching light that could lull an unfortunate beholder to a deathly sleep.

Type and Attribute

The Death Knight is an Spectral creature. It can inflict the Sleep debilitation on its enemies.


  • Eastern Zandora: Dead Lord's Labyrinth - 死王の迷宮
  • Eastern Zandora: Mysterious Mausoleum Depths - 幽玄の霊堂 深層

Related Quests

Personal Quests
World Quests
Extreme Missions
  • Extreme Mission: The Call of the Catacombs - 地下墓場の誘い
Grand Missions
  • Grand Mission: The Demon of Darkness Awakens - 目覚めし闇の魔物

Strengths and Weaknesses

Attribute Weakness Holy, Blunt
Attribute Resistance Darkness, Slash
Status Weakness Holy Drain, Lowered Holy Resistance, Lowered Magickal Defence
Status Resistance Lowered Dark Resistance
Immune Poisoned, Sleep, Stunned, Petrified, Gilded, Blindness


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