Colossus 「コロッサス」


A gigantic creature with a massive horn protruding from its forehead. Although it is a species similar to the Cyclops, the Colossus is far more aggressive and hardy compared to its cousin. It wears spiked and poisoned armoured plates, which will injure those foolish enough to try and climb it.

Type and Attribute

The Colossus is categorised as a Giant creature. It can inflict the Poisoned debilitation on its enemies with its poisoned armour.


  • Dowe Valley: Howling Wind Cave - 風鳴り洞窟
  • Betland Plains
  • Betland Plains: Lakeside Ruins - 湖岸の廃墟
  • Betland Plains: Knights’ Old Route - 旧騎士団連絡路
  • Northern Betland Plains: Gardnox Fortress
  • Northern Betland Plains: Betland Underground Passage - バートランド地下道
  • Zandora Wastelands

Related Quests

Main Quests
  • A Friendly Visit - 友の来訪
Personal Quests
  • Dowe Valley Trial: Echoes - ダウ渓谷 試練:鳴り響きしは―?
World Quests
  • Level 28 - The Bright One-Eyed - 大坑道に光る一つ目 (Volden Mines)
  • Level 28 - The Cause of the Hot Springs Blockage - 湯詰まりの元 (Volden Mines)
  • Level 35 - Rock-Crushing Fangs - 岩砕きの大牙 (Volden Mines)
  • Level 35 - A Miner’s Lifeline - 採掘師の生命線 (Volden Mines)
  • Level 65 - High Difficulty: Thank You For Your Trouble 【高難度】鑑賞の邪魔者 (Volden Mines)
  • Level 38 - A Gathering of Demons in the Old Temple - 旧神殿に集う魔 (Betland Plains)
  • Level 58 - Heavily Occupied - 多忙は願い下げ (Betland Plains)
  • Level 43 - Seeking Vengeance - 仇を求めて―― (Northern Betland Plains)
  • Level 47 - The Forgotten Guardian - 忘れられた守番 (Zandora Wastelands)

Strengths and Weaknesses

Core Area Chest
Attribute Weakness Darkness, Blunt, Pierce
Attribute Resistance Fire, Lightning, Slash
Status Weakness Blindness, Lowered Darkness Resistance,
Status Resistance Poisoned


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