Alchemised Griffin 「グリフィンアルケミー」


A huge bird that is actually a Griffin that has been altered by the arts of alchemy. As it is no longer a living creature, it can only be stopped by destroying its alchemical implants. Its enhanced physical and magickal defences must also be dealt with, along with the original Griffin's ferociousness.

Note that when the Alchemised Griffin is enraged and has its stamina bar displayed, players will need to destroy its alchemical parts rather than climbing on it and tiring it out.

Type and Attribute

The Alchemised Griffin is an Alchemised creature. Its elemental attribute is Darkness. It can inflict the Blindness debilitation on its enemies.


  • Mergoda Ruins

Related Quests

Main Quests
  • The Dwellers of the Golden Land - 黄金郷の住人
World Quests
  • Level 55 - An Altered Beast Attacks! - 改造魔獣、襲撃!(Mergoda Ruins)

Strengths and Weaknesses

Core Area Alchemical parts on head, chest, wings
Attribute Weakness Holy, Blunt
Attribute Resistance Fire, Ice, Lightning, Darkness, Slash
Status Weakness Burning, Lowered Fire Resistance, Lowered Ice Resistance, Lowered Lightning Resistance, Lowered Holy Resistance, Lowered Darkness Resistance,Lowered Physical Defence
Status Resistance


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