The White Dragon 「白竜」
"I shall make you Arisen."


Race: Dragon
Voice Actor: Shinji Ogawa
First Appearance: Season 1.0


The White Dragon is the guardian of Lestania, and has protected the kingdom for hundreds, if not thousands of years. However, 322 years ago, the White Dragon suffered a grave injury despite triumphing in a battle with the Golden Dragon. The injury was so severe that the White Dragon had to create Arisen to protect it, as it was far too weakened. The White Dragon's power waned over the years as it slowly petrified due to its injury; what little power it had left was used to create Arisen over time. One such Arisen is the Newly Arisen, the player's character in the game.

Due to the White Dragon's waning power, Lestania was soon overrun by demons and monsters. Whole cities were lost. Over the years, the Arisen and ordinary Lestanians fought back to reclaim the land, but danger from demons and monsters remain, with the Orc invasion from the north the biggest threat.

The White Dragon now rests in its Audience Chamber at the White Dragon Temple, with Mysial the Priestess acting as its spokesperson.

The Tale of the White Dragon

Title オープニングムービー
Release Date 6 Jul. 2015
Description Opening Movie. This will play when you first start the game. A translation can be found here.
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