Vanessa 「ヴァネッサ」
The Scarlet Tigress of the Stronghold


Sex: Female
Race: Human, Arisen
Age: 28
Height: 182 cm
Vocation: Fighter
Voice Actor: Atsuko Tanaka
First Appearance: Season 1.0


Vanessa is the beautiful and strong Arisen stationed at Gritten Fort, a key stronghold in Lestania in the war with the Orcs. A Fighter, Vanessa prefers to deal with the Orc conflict directly and rarely makes an appearance at the White Dragon Temple. Leo trusts her greatly, and has given her command of Gritten Fort. A commanding figure, she is an inspiration to and is highly regarded by the garrison at Gritten Fort.

She is not afraid to speak her mind and absolutely detests Orcs.

Job Master

Vanessa is also the Fighter Job Master.

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