The Alchemist of the Ruined Capital


Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Vocation: Alchemist
Voice Actor: Tarusuke Shingaki
First Appearance: Season 1.2


Theodor is the leader of a small community of alchemists that are still living in Mergoda Ruins, a floating island of ruins which is all that is left of the former capital of Lestania after the White Dragon destroyed the city when the dragon discovered Diamantes' treachery. It has yet to be determined whether the survival of the secret arts of alchemy will bring good or evil to Lestania.

Job Master

Theodor is also the Alchemist Job Master. He can usually be found in his home-cum-workshop in the Mergodan Residence area.

As of Season 2.0, this vocation will be made available after completing the Main Quest Resolutions and Omens - 覚悟と兆し.

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