Ophelia 「オフィリア」

Ophelia is in charge of distributing the green revival gemstones to Arisen. These gemstones are used by the Arisen to revive themselves when they fall in battle. The gemstones can also be used on fallen pawns.

Green Gemstones

Each Arisen by default starts with three of the revival gemstones in their possession, and may return to Ophelia to obtain three more gemstones when they have run out. Those with the Adventure Passport however, may return as many times in a day as they wish to get their refill of revival gemstones.

Daily Login Stamp Bonus

Ophelia is also in charge of the daily login stamp bonus, which will reward the player in the form of Silver Tickets. Collecting the stamps continually will earn the player even more Silver Tickets. Silver Tickets can be used in the Treasure Lots.

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