Newly Arisen 「新たな覚者」

The Newly Arisen is the player's character in the game.

The player character is chosen by the White Dragon and awakens as the Newly Arisen at a battle with an Orc raiding party at Gritten Fort. This battle is the Main Quest, Resolutions and Omens - 覚悟と兆し and serves as a basic tutorial for the game.

Leo and Iris of the White Wings Arisen Corps - particularly the former - take a special note of the Newly Arisen after the battle, and together with the rest of the White Wings continue to guide the Newly Arisen throughout the game.

The Newly Arisen seems to be well-liked and trusted by most of the main characters of the game as the main storyline progresses, with some characters willing to confide some of their deepest thoughts and concerns to the Newly Arisen.

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