Iris 「イリス」
The Crimson Bow's Arrow


Sex: Female
Race: Human, Arisen
Age: 19
Height: 173 cm
Vocation: Hunter
Voice Actor: Marina Inoue
First Appearance: Season 1.0


Iris is the peacemaker of the White Wings Arisen Corps, and she is also Leo's second-in-command. Iris is a Hunter, and is the self-declared best shot with bow and arrow in all of Lestania. Her bright and cheerful personality makes her well-liked among the Arisen and the White Knights of the Temple. She also keeps an eye out for the Newly Arisen and offers help and advice every now and then.

Iris originally hails from the northern lands; she was from the same village as Leo. Their village was destroyed in an Orc raid.

Iris can usually be found in the Audience Chamber in the White Dragon Temple.

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