Golgorran 「ゴルゴラン」
The Golden Dragon


Sex: Male
Race: Originally Arisen, Human; later Alchemised Dragon
First Appearance: Mentioned in Season 1.0 and wholly revealed in Season 1.2



Golgorran is the Golden Dragon that fought the White Dragon 322 years ago.

According to Joseph in the Main Quest Thinking of A Friend - 友を思う, Golgorran was once the Arisen chosen by the White Dragon as king to rule over Lestania. However, the king fell prey to Diamantes' persuasion to usurp the White Dragon and he was then turned into the Golden Dragon through Diamantes' use of alchemy.

As an Arisen, the Dragon Force bestowed upon Golgorran by the White Dragon was amplified by alchemy, but his transformation into a dragon was not wholly successful; he ended up as an Alchemised Dragon rather than a true dragon. Nevertheless Golgorran was still strong enough to challenge the White Dragon to a duel that lasted for days, and had inflicted grave injuries on the White Dragon.

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