Fabio 「ファビオ」
The Guide of Freedom and Fate


Sex: Male
Race: Human, Arisen
Age: 20
Height: 176 cm
Vocation: Seeker
Voice Actor: Yoshimasa Hosoya
First Appearance: Season 1.0


Fabio is another of the White Wings that interacts regularly with the Newly Arisen. A Seeker, he guides the Newly Arisen upon arrival at the Temple, explaining the basic layout and functions of each Temple district, as well as the basic gameplay concepts.

Fabio has a fondness for collecting trinkets and curios, and even sells some of them. Despite this, he is still highly respected. He is a relaxed person by nature, but does not neglect his duties in helping out the more inexperienced Arisen. Despite his carefree exterior, he is very reliable and has a talent for earning money.

Fabio can usually be found in the Tavern at the White Dragon Temple.

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