The Youngest of the White Wings


Sex: Male
Race: Human, Arisen
Age: 17 - 20
Height: 180 cm
Vocation: Hunter
Voice Actor: Natsuki Hanae
First Appearance: Season 2.0


A young Arisen who acts as advisor to the player Arisen. He studied under Joseph and dealt with administrative and correspondence duties, but now is part of the player Arisen’s unit from Joseph’s own recommendation. A highly confident young man with a tendency to look down on other members of the unit.

Elliot seems to have a permanent sneer fixed on his expression. While studying under Joseph's tutelage, he was exposed to and aware of foolish people who were nothing but talk and no action, and thus almost always had a low opinion of others. Neither Joseph nor Elliot would admit it, but Joseph clearly has an influence on the latter.

Official Art

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