Cash Shop and Premium Services

Golden Gemstones


The in-game currency used to purchase items and services from the online cash shop are Golden Gemstones (GG). In order to obtain GG, players will first need to buy CAP, which is the Capcom Online Games game credit. One CAP is worth ¥1, while one GG is worth 100 CAP, or ¥100.1

Players can purchase CAP at the Capcom Online Games website. Payments can be made via credit card, or through Japanese e-cash services such as BitCash or WebMoney, or with e-cash prepaid cards. E-cash prepaid cards are available at online stores such as Play-Asia.

Once CAP has been purchased, players can now buy GG from the cash shop via the in-game menu. The GG in turn can be used to buy the various services.

Please note that unused GG will expire after five months from date of purchase.

Purchasing CAP

Please refer to this page on how to purchase CAP.

Purchasing Golden Gemstones from the Japanese PSN Store

Console players on PS3 and PS4 can also purchase GG directly from the Japanese PSN Store. Please refer to this guide for further details.

Types of Services

The following are the services/items available for purchase with GG in the in-game cash shop.2

Golden Gemstones Revival 「復活」
Icon 1 use: 1 GG
Players can use a GG to revive themselves in battle. GG revivals will restore the Arisen (or pawn) to full health and stamina with no penalties, and give 60 seconds' worth of invulnerability.
Adventure Passport 「冒険パスポート」
Icon 30 days: 15 GG OR 90 days: 40 GG
Players gain access to a wealth of privileges such as infinite refills of revival gemstones and the use of storage chests in towns. Please refer to this page for more details.
Storage Chest Passport 1-3「格納チェストパスポート1~3」
Icon 30 days: 5 GG OR 90 days: 13 GG
Players will have access to an additional 400 storage slots in the blue storage chest in the Arisen's Room, per passport. Players can purchase up to three (3) Storage Chest Passports for a maximum additional 1,200 storage slots at a time.
Adventure & Storage Chest Passport 1「冒険+格納チェストパスポート1」
Icon 30 days: 17 GG OR 90 days: 45 GG
Players will have all the privileges of the Adventure Passport as well as access to an additional ten pages of storage space (40 slots x 10 = 400 slots) in the blue storage chest in the Arisen's Room.
Growth Support Course 「成長サポートコース」
Icon 1 hour x 5: 8 GG OR 3 hours: 4 GG
Players and their pawns will obtain 2x experience from enemies, 2x experience from Extreme Missions, World Quests, Board Quests and Clan Quests. Players will also obtain 2x Job Points (JP) from Extreme Missions. Players will also obtain 2x Play Points (PP). Players will also obtain 1.5x Area Points from World Quests and Board Quests. Players will not be subjected to level difference penalties for obtaining experience and Blood Orbs while in party.
Reward Support Course 「報酬サポートコース」
Icon 1 hour x 5: 8 GG OR 3 hours: 4 GG
Players will have better chances of obtaining rare drops from enemy creatures, obtain extra rewards upon completion of quests, obtain 2x R from quests, obtain 2x drops from enemy creatures, obtain 2x items harvested/gathered/mined or from treasure chests, obtain 2x rewards from Extreme Missions, and 1.5x Blood Orbs from Orb Enemies.
[Immediate Use] Growth+Reward Support Course「【即時発動】成長+報酬サポートコース」
Icon 3 days: 18 GG
This support course will immediately activate upon purchasing. Players will receive the benefits of both the Growth Support Course and the Reward Support Course while it is active.
Security Assist Course「安心アシストコース」
Icon 3 hours: 3 GG OR 3 days: 9 GG
Players will receive several benefits such as reduced damage and debilitation rate during the Security Assist Course duration. Please refer to this page for more details.
Newly Arisen Support Course「新人覚者応援コース」
Icon 1 set: 1 GG
A support course designed for new players which can be purchased within the first seven days of creating a new character. The course will provide 7 days' worth of the Adventure Passport, 3 days' worth of the Growth Support Course, and 3 days' worth of the Reward Support Course.
For Newly Arisen: Present from Fabio 「新人覚者へ」ファビオからのプレセント
Icon 1 set: 0 GG
A support course for new players which must be obtained from the online shop during the Personal Quest: The Arisen's Abilities. The course will provide 1 day's worth of the Adventure Passport, 3 hours' worth of the Growth Support Course, and 3 hours' worth of the Reward Support Course.
Treasure Lots「トレジャーズロット」
Icon 1 draw: 3 GG
Players can purchase 1 special draw at the Treasure Lot at the White Dragon Temple. Some special or limited lots are available only with GG. Please refer to this page for more details on Treasure Lots and available items.
Clear Board Quests「ボードクエスト一括クリア」
Icon Clear all board quests per quest board: 1 GG
Players can clear all board quests with 1 GG per quest board. Please refer to this page for more details.
Pawn Expedition「ポーン遠征隊」
Icon Guaranteed success: 3 GG
Resend after cancellation: 1 GG
Players can enhance the pawn expedition with 3 GG which will guarantee a successful discovery of a Rusty Iron Lump if sent to a location with a hot spot, which in turn can be appraised to a weapon. Additionally, if a player has cancelled the pawn expedition, the player can resend the partner pawn by using 1 GG. Please refer to this page for more details on the Pawn Expedition.
Equipment/Consumables 「装備品/消耗品」
Icon 1 use: 3 GG
Players can purchase high quality equipment and consumables from the online cash shop to assist in their adventures. However, please note that the most powerful equipment in the game can only be obtained through crafting or via the Pawn Expedition.
Craft Skills Reset「クラフトスキルリセット」
Icon 1 use: 8 GG
Players can reset and redistribute the Craft Skill points of a main pawn. Please refer to this page for more details.
Instant Crafting「クラフト即時完成」
Icon 1 use: 1 GG
Using this paid option would allow for the instant crafting of an item. Players can use this option even in the middle of the crafting process. This option is applicable to all items that be crafted in the Craft Room.
Craft Master Pawns「クラフトマスターポーン」
Icon 5 GG
Using the Craft Master Pawns service will allow the player to use a Craft Master Pawn that specialises in certain crafting skills. For more details, refer to the Craft Master Pawns page.
Pawn Voices「ポーンボイス」
Icon 1 voice type: 9 GG
Players can purchase premium voices for their pawns. These voices are done by prominent voice actors or seiyuu. There are six male voices and six female voices available. Please refer to this page for more details.
Beauty Salon「美容院」
Icon 1 use: 5 GG
Players may modify their Arisen or main pawns' physical appearance in the Beauty Salon located in the White Dragon Temple; however, name and sex of the Arisen cannot be changed. Name and sex of main pawns may be changed with the use of the Warrior Reincarnation - 戦徒の転生 for 20 GG. Please note that voice type, voice personality and frequency of pawn's chatter can be changed at the Beauty Salon for free.
Instant Mandragora Growth「マンドラゴラ即時育成」
Icon 1 use: 1 GG
Players can use this option to immediately raise the Mandragora to full grown and obtain the item it holds right away.
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