Craft Master Pawns「クラフトマスターポーン」

Using the Craft Master Pawns service will allow the player to use a single Craft Master Pawn that specialises in certain crafting skills for 30 days without having to pay R. However, these Craft Master Pawns still have a certain usage limit. These Craft Master Pawns can also be assigned into your party, but they do not excel in battle.

Available Craft Master Pawns

arms.png Arms

Arms is a Craft Master that excels in:
Equipment Enhancement - 装備の強化技術
Cost Performance - コストパフォーマンス

Hiring Arms would enable the player to enhance equipment at a greater quality and a much lower cost.
qualio.png Qualio

Qualio is a Craft Master that excels in:
Crafting High-Quality Equipment - 高品質装備の作成力
Production Speed - 生産作業スピード

Hiring Qualio would enable the player to have a greater chance of creating high-quality equipment at a much faster speed.
many.png Many

Many is a Craft Master that excels in:
Increased Consumable Production - 消耗品の生産数アップ

Hiring Many would enable the player to create a higher amount of consumable items in a single crafting process.
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