Adventure Passport「冒険パスポート」

The Adventure Passport will give the player the following privileges:

Unlimited Revival Gemstones

Players can obtain unlimited green revival gemstones from Ophelia at the White Dragon Temple. However, Ophelia will only give a maximum of three green gemstones at a time; if you run out of them you will have to return to get some more.

Extra Storage Space

Players will have the additional storage space worth 360 slots (40 slots x 9 pages).

Use of Storage Chests in Towns

Players can use the gold storage chests available in the towns or bases in the field.

Free and Discounted Fast Travel

Fast travel or teleportation to the Portcrystals of locations marked as favourites will not cost any R. Fast travel to other locations not marked as favourites will cost only half the normal amount of R.

Fast Travel from In-Game Menu

Players need not use the menu at the Portcrystal to fast travel to other locations, but can do so from the in-game menu. All locations with activated Portcrystals will be available.

Increased Quest Limit

Players will have a limit of 20 active quests instead of 10.

Bazaar Privileges

Players can sell a maximum of 10 items at the Bazaar at a time, instead of five. Players also do not have a time limit on selling items at the Bazaar, and may re-exhibit their items if the items did not sell upon expiry of the exhibition period.

Bonus Items from Area Masters

Players will receive twice the amount of area support items from the Area Master.

Pawn Resurrection via Riftstone

Players can resurrect Lost Pawns from any Riftstone by paying an amount of R, instead of having to complete the Pawn Rescue.

Bonus Pawn Crafting XP

Players' main pawns will receive x 1.5 crafting experience when crafting items. The crafting process must be completed in order to obtain the bonus experience. Pawns will still receive the bonus experience if the Adventure Passport is still active when the player starts the crafting process, but the passport expires before completion of crafting.

Quick Pawn Revival

Players can revive their fallen pawns in battle in half the normal time.

Free Accommodation at Inns

Players no longer have to pay for accommodation at inns. However, other inn services must still be paid for.

Arisen's Room Storage Access in Crafting

Materials placed in the blue storage chest in the Arisen's room is automatically accessible for crafting.

Adventure Pass Point (Bouken Point - BP) available

Players will obtain Bouken Point (BP) every hour. BPs can be exchanged for items at the Adventure Pass Point shop, which is available at Ophelia at the White Dragon Temple. While the Adventure Passport is activated and running, a BP will be earned each hour, regardless whether the player is logged in the game or not.

The following items are available to be exchanged for BP:

  • 5 BP - 7,500 G
  • 5 BP - 1,250 R
  • 15 BP - 750 Blood Orbs (BO)
  • 9 BP - 63,000 XP
  • 24 BP - 18 Play Points (PP)
Raise Additional Mandragora

Players can raise an additional Mandragora.

Golden Stone Shard

Players will receive 10 x Golden Stone Shard - 黄金石のカケラ, which can be used with the ‘Dragon’s Dogma Online Adventure Memo - Dragon’s Dogma Online 冒険手帳’ companion app.1

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