Board Quests 「ボードクエスト」



Board Quests (BQ) are the quests posted on the various notice boards found in the areas of Lestania. Upon completion, Board Quests will earn players experience points (XP), gold (G), Rift crystals (R) as well as Area Points (AP).

Board Quests will be marked as green Personal Quests in the player's quest log. They are renewed each day at 5.00 AM JST. Therefore if the player does not complete the Board Quest within the day, the quest will disappear from the quest log.

Types of Board Quests

There are two types of Board Quests; Elimination or Bounty Quests, and Delivery Quests.

Elimination Quests

Elimination Quests are basically bounties or quests that require the player to kill a specific type of enemy creature. The quest will specify the type, minimum level and the number of enemies to be killed.


In the example above, the Board Quest requires that the player eliminate a Level 15 or higher Rogue Seeker - ローグシーカー.

Delivery Quests

Delivery Quests requires the player to obtain a specific amount of items. Once the required items have been obtained, players can use the postbox as seen above to 'post' or mail them to the requester. Items in the player's backpack and storage chest can be posted.

Area Orders

Note that Board Quests marked as Area Order - エリアオーダー quests require the player to obtain a large amount of a specific item or kill a large amount of certain enemies, but offers much better rewards than normal Board Quests.

Reward Mechanics

Rewards are influenced by:

  • the difficulty of the quest; the higher the degree of difficulty, the better the rewards
  • the location of the notice board itself; the further the area from the White Dragon Temple, the better the rewards
  • item rank (delivery quests); the higher the item rank, the better the rewards
  • enemy level (elimination quests); the higher the enemy level, the better the rewards

List of Board Quests by Areas

Elimination Quests

  • Highway Security - 街道の安全確保
  • Dangerous Beasts - 害獣駆除
  • On the Outskirts - 周辺治安維持
  • Growing Numbers - 魔物の増加傾向に関して
  • White Knights: Protection of Travellers - 白騎団 往来の安全確保
  • White Knights: Elimination - 白騎団 討伐任務
  • White Knights: Emergency Elimination - 白騎団 緊急討伐指令
  • White Wings Arisen Corps: Extermination (Hidell Plains) - 白翼覚者隊・駆除任務 ハイデル平原
  • White Wings Arisen Corps: Elimination (Hidell Plains) - 白翼覚者隊・討伐任務 ハイデル平原
  • White Wings Arisen Corps: Emergency (Hidell Plains) - 白翼覚者隊・緊急任務 ハイデル平原
  • White Wings Arisen Corps: Cooperation (Hidell Plains) - 白翼覚者隊・協力要請 ハイデル平原
  • A Suspicious Glance - 怪しい視線
  • A Traveller’s Lament - 往来の悩み
  • Out of Water - 水汲みもできやしない
  • To Be Rid of Them - 退治するはずだったんだが
  • Vengeance for the Pig! - ブタの仇をとって!
  • The Cause of Illness - 病気の原因
  • A Sight From the Tower - 塔から見たら―

Delivery Quests

  • For the Crafting Room - クラフトルーム備品補充のお願い
  • Dents in Armour - 武具の手入れ用品お願い
  • A Plea for Craft Materials - クラフト材料譲ってくれよ
  • Captivated - あのヒトを虜に
  • Actually, I Lost It! - じ、実は紛失したんです!
  • For A Master - 我が主のために―
  • White Wings Arisen Corps: Collection (Hidell Plains) - 白翼覚者隊・収集依頼 ハイデル平原
  • White Wings Arisen Corps: Delivery (Hidell Plains) - 白翼覚者隊・納品依頼 ハイデル平原
  • White Wings Arisen Corps: Inspection (Hidell Plains) - 白翼覚者隊・手配要請 ハイデル平原
  • Remedy Ingredients - 薬の材料を届けてください
  • Equipment Repairs - 装具修理に
  • Drinking Necessities - 酒の具材
  • Fertilizer Ingredients - 肥料の材料
  • Does Anyone Have This? - 誰かアレ持ってない?
  • In Search of Rarities - 希少資材の提供依頼
  • Hidell Materials Request - ハイデル名産品の入手依頼
  • Area Order: White Dragon Temple Resupply - <エリアオーダー>白竜神殿補給
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