Bazaar 「バザー」


Players may sell and purchase materials via the Bazaar. Sometimes players can find materials not sold in shops at the Bazaar, including hard-to-find crafting materials. It is generally a good idea to sell unneeded materials at the Bazaar, as players can get a higher price for them compared to selling them to regular shops, where prices are fixed.

There are several Bazaar representatives in the White Dragon Temple, and all of them offer the same access to the Bazaar.

Purchasing Items at the Bazaar

Players can search for materials available for purchase.

How to Purchase

Select the first option at any Bazaar representative 'Buy' - 購入 - to start purchasing items.


Category Search allows you to search for items by category - カテゴリ - and item rank - ランク.

'Free Word Search' allows you to search for an item by its name.


Clicking the list of options under カテゴリ will display seven different categories. Selecting a category will display all items under that category. This can be further narrowed by selecting the list of options next to it.


Once the necessary options have been selected or search term has been entered, click on the respective search button - 検索. The items available for sale in the Bazaar will appear on the right. Now just select the items you wish to purchase. Remember that other players are also browsing the Bazaar and they could purchase an item before you could do so.

Selling Items at the Bazaar

Selling conditions

There are several conditions or limitations to be kept in mind before selling unneeded materials at the Bazaar:

  • You can only sell items classified as Materials at the Bazaar.
  • You can only sell a maximum of five items at a time at the Bazaar. Adventure Passport holders can sell a maximum of 10 items at a time.
  • You can only exhibit an item for sale for 24 hours. If after 24 hours the item remains unsold, you will have to re-exhibit the item if you still wish to sell it at the Bazaar.
  • There is a minimum and maximum price for items.
  • Sales at the Bazaar are final. You can cancel exhibiting an item only if the item has not been sold.
  • There is a time limit before you can re-exhibit an item that was not sold. Adventure Passport holders do not have this time limit.
  • The Bazaar charges a 5% commission on each item sold.
How to Sell

Select the second option 'Sell' - 出品.


The first option allows you to select the items in your storage chest. The second option allows you to select items in your backpack. Then just select the item and quantity you wish to sell, then set the price.

Checking up on exhibited items

Select the third option 'Exhibit Status' - 出品状況 - to display the status of the items you have up for sale at the Bazaar.


The status of any items you have exhibited will be displayed here, along with the proceeds minus the Bazaar's commission for items sold.

You can also cancel exhibiting any item you have for sale here. Select the relevant item and then 'Withdraw' -取り消し.

If you wish to re-exhibit an unsold item, select the relevant item and then 'Re-Exhibit' - 再出品 - and set the item price before selecting 'Yes' - はい - at the final confirmation menu.

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