Attributes 「属性」


All attacks, whether physical or magickal, have assigned attributes. Attributes and respective resistances can be influenced by equipment as well as equipped skills. Enemies also have different resistances towards different attributes.

Physical Attributes

There are three different kinds of physical attributes applicable to weapons.

Icon Type (JP) Translation Description
斬属性 Slash This is the 'cutting' damage type dealt by Swords, Greatswords, Spirit Lances and Daggers.
打属性 Blunt This is a heavy bashing attack. Maces and Greatshields deal Blunt damage.
射属性 Pierce This is ranged attack dealt by Bows.

Elemental Attributes

There are five different kinds of elemental attributes applicable to magick. However, some core magick skills do not have any elemental attributes assigned to them.

Icon Type (JP) Translation Description
炎属性 Fire Fire-based elemental attacks can inflict the Burning debilitation.
氷属性 Ice Ice-based elemental attacks can inflict the Frozen debilitation.
雷属性 Lightning Lightning-based elemental attacks can inflict the Shocked debilitation.
聖属性 Holy Holy-based elemental attacks can inflict the Holy Drain debilitation.
闇属性 Darkness Darkness-based elemental attacks can inflict the Blinded debilitation.
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