Dark Red Nobleman's Garment 「貴族紳士の衣装・深緑」
Icon JP Name Translation
ab6cbf0aef06db6f6da70133a0bdba0d.png 貴族紳士の衣装・臙脂 Dark Red Nobleman's Garment


This item can be only used by male Arisen or pawns.


Physical Defence 20 Magickal Defence 20
Maximum HP 100 Maximum Stamina 50
Item Rank 10 Equip Level 1
Vocation All (Male) Weight 150


Crafting Cost 100 G
Crafting Time 00:00:30
XP Acquired 300 XP
No. Items Produced 1
Value 15,000 G
Bazaar Cannot be sold

Crafting Materials


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