The White Dragon Temple 「白竜神殿レーゼ」

Note: 'レーゼ' in 白竜神殿レーゼ is Riese, German for 'giant'; so 白竜神殿レーゼ literally means White Dragon Giant Temple. We opted to put it just as The White Dragon Temple. While the temple itself is located in the Hidell Plains, as it is the home 'base' of the game as well as the fact that it is a giant complex, it deserved its own section.

The White Dragon Temple was built in order to house and protect the White Dragon, which suffered a great injury over 300 years ago. The huge temple is now the seat of power in Lestania, and is home to the Arisen and the White Knights. The temple is divided into several districts or areas according to their main functions.

The temple is the central hub for the game. Arisen can rest, resupply and craft items here, as well as change their vocations and manage their various skills and abilities. The temple is also where players can freely interact with each other.


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